Pastoral Letter in honor of St. ANNA, Great Mother of the Harvest, Protector and Compatron of JELSI (CB)

With Anna and Joachim we celebrate the community joy of FAITH

From an individual and traditional religiosity to the ecclesial faith!

And the centuries-old miracle continues!

Dear friends, in the year 216 year of the Feast of St. Anne we ask to look at the "high peaks of faith", as the Polish Pontiff, St. John Paul II, loved to repeat with strength and passionate voice, and let us now be helped by the example of Pope Francis who speaks of the FAITH RECEIVED IN THE FAMILY and says: "I had the grace of having lived in a family in which faith was lived in a 

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messa 26

Sul link seguente è possibile guardare la Santa Messa solenne officiata dall'Arcivesco Bregantini  a Jelsi alle ore 19 il 26 luglio 2021, Sant'Anna.

messa 26

Di seguito i numeri vincenti della Lotteria 216° Festa del Grano in onore di Sant'Anna.

numeri lotteria 2021

Con Anna e Gioacchino celebriamo la gioia comunitaria della FEDE

Da una religiosità individuale e tradizionale alla fede ecclesiale!
E il plurisecolare miracolo continui!
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